Lasting Powers of Attorney

Appointing someone that you trust

None of us know when we may lose the capacity to manage our own affairs. Although it tends to be more common in elderly people, it can happen to us at any stage of our lives.

Even the young, through illness or injury, may need help from someone that they trust.

By appointing an Attorney, you will have a valuable person who can act on your behalf. They will be able to manage your financial affairs so that you aren’t faced with the nightmare of unpaid bills. They will also have the power to look after your health and welfare if you experience illness or injury.

In planning for the future, it is vital to create Lasting Powers of Attorney. If something unexpected were to happen, you would know that you and your affairs were going to be looked after by someone you trust.

Lasting Powers of Attorney are important because . . . 

  • A court official will be managing your affairs if you lose capacity – unless you appoint an Attorney.
  • The stress of unpaid bills can lead to a delay in your recovery if you have not appointed someone to look after your financial affairs.
  • It is hard enough to deal with an elderly person losing capacity without having to cope with their finances going out of control too.
  • People of all ages can lose capacity – due to illness or injury.

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