Inheritance Protection

Protecting my children’s inheritance with Compass Legal Associates

The world is changing more quickly than ever – and that can make it increasingly difficult to protect your inheritance.

The days of being able to take for granted that family wealth would pass seamlessly down the generations have long gone. Rising divorce rates, increasing numbers of blended families and complicated changes to tax and inheritance laws have all played their part.

But Compass Legal Associates can help.

Our Bloodline Planning service allows you to take steps to protect your Estate for future generations, ensuring that your assets go to your children and grandchildren rather than ending up outside of your family.

When you leave your Estate to your beneficiaries (the people who you name in your will), your property and assets pass to them and become part of their Estate. This may mean that your wealth in their hands is vulnerable to future divorce settlements, creditors and taxation.

Through careful planning, we can create Trusts that will protect your assets. This will mean that your children and grandchildren will receive the inheritance they deserve and your family home will be protected too.

Trusts can protect people from:

  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Sideways disinheritance
  • Spouses remarrying
  • Inheritance Tax

To find out how Compass Legal Associates can protect your hard-earned assets for your family, contact us at:

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