Business Succession

Protecting my business assets for the ones I love

You work almost non-stop to build up your business.

But it’s worth it because you know your family and loved ones will benefit for years to come.

At least, that’s the theory.

But what would happen if you or your business partner died? Who would benefit from this share of the business? How will you stop the taxman taking more than his fair share if the business needs to be sold? And how do you try to protect the value of the business from the vagaries of fate?

At Compass Legal Associates we can help you with detailed Business Succession strategies to meet all these challenges.

We can:

  • Ensure that your spouse/ partner and children inherit your share of the business.
  • Enable business partners to buy out the deceased’s share.
  • Stop the value of the business decreasing due to inexperienced beneficiaries taking over.
  • Limit the Inheritance Tax liability if the business needs to be sold.

So do the right thing for your partners, the business and yourself. Come and talk to us about the Succession Planning that your business needs. We will create a solution for you.

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